13th OIC Summit Held In Turkey


Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who is at the 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit in Turkey, has appealed to the organization to help Afghanistan fight terrorism and ensure peace.

Delegates attending the summit on Thursday discussed ways to fight terrorism, especially Daesh. They also looked at ways to ensure international peace and stability.

“Our aim is to fight terrorism and bring peace to countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya. We must have extensive programs to fight terrorism and extremism and we should make the fight against Daesh our priority,” said Sami Shakari and OIC ambassador said.

Other requests by Abdullah meanwhile were for countries to declare the war in Afghanistan as unjust and for them to condemn terrorist activities in the country.

“The national unity government hopes that the OIC will ask countries, directly or indirectly involved, not to fund the Afghanistan war,” said Jaweed Faisal, a spokesman from the CEO’s office.

Kabul meanwhile reportedly hopes that the OIC can help fight terrorism and help bring peace to the war-weary country.

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