15 Insurgents Killed in Helmand In Joint Air Strike

US  Chopper

At least 15 Taliban insurgents were killed in a joint Afghan and foreign troops air strike in southern Helmand province on Monday night, the 201 Maiwand Military Corp said in a statement.

In addition, ten other insurgents were injured.

The air strike took place in Nad Ali and Greshk districts of the province in which a vehicle of the insurgents was also destroyed, the statement said.

There were no civilian casualties in the air strike, according to the statement.

This comes after eight insurgents were killed in an Afghan security forces air strike in the province on Sunday night.

The air strike took pace in Nad Ali district of the province after the Afghan Air Force carried out the attack on insurgents which resulted in the death of eight including the group’s leader.

Recently, the Afghan and foreign troops increased their air strikes in the province as insurgents upped attacks against security forces.

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