28 Villages Cleared Of Daesh Militants In Achin


Local officials in Nangarhar said Thursday that at least 28 villages were cleared of Daesh fighters in Achin district in the province.

The areas were cleared in a military operation carried out by security forces over the past few days. Officials said about 50 militants were killed.

“Achin is among the important districts in Nangarhar and insurgents can enter it from the other side of the border, therefore we are trying to ensure the security of the area,” said Nangarhar police chief Fazl Ahmad Shirzad.

“A public uprising played a vital role in eliminating Daesh fighters [in Achin]. We thank them,” said NDS director in Nangarhar Dad Mohammad Harifi said.

Meanwhile Nangarhar governor Salim Kunduzi vowed to start development projects in Achin in the near future.

“I will direct all the district chiefs [in Nangarhar] to stay in their districts not in Jalalabad city and if they do not do so they should leave their job and stay at home,” he added.

A number of Nangarhar residents meanwhile spoke of Daesh cruelty in their areas.

“We are fed up with Daesh cruelty. We call on government to start upliftment projects here in our area,” said Shah Wali, a tribal elder in Achin.

According to local officials, a number of healthcare centers that were closed in Achin over the past few months will be reopened in the next few days.

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