3rd Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue Under Way In Mazar

The 3rd Afghanistan-Central Asia Dialogue opened in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan on Thursday with the participation of 120 representatives from America, Asia, Europe along with foreign ambassadors to Kabul and political analysts.

Panelists at the conference gave their varying reflections on what they thought were essential needs to combat terrorism and promote further integration in the region.

Addressing the conference, the acting governor of Balkh Atta Mohammad Noor said that combating extremism and terrorism needs regional cooperation and integration.

“Lets join hands and cooperate before terrorists like the Taliban group and Central Asia Islamic Movement and extreme Daesh spread their chaotic shadow on the region,” Noor said.

In his speech to the participants, chairman of Afghanistan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) Dawoud Muradian said that implications of conflicts in the region not only affects countries but also cultures.

The participants expressed grave concerns over the surge in insurgency in Afghanistan particularly the expansion of terror activities in northern parts of the country.

“Virulent events of life have split us from our neighbors in various sectors like remote and unwitting islands,” Muradian said.

“Afghanistan and Tajikistan have always been alongside each other particularly during hardships they faced during independence when they [Afghans] came to Tajikistan and also when there is conflict in Tajikistan, we only saw cooperation from Afghanistan,” Tajik ambassador to Kabul Kosimsha Iskandarov said.

The participants said that ignoring Taliban threats has been one of the main reasons behind the emergence of Daesh in Afghanistan.

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