40 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Helmand Clashes

Afghan forces Helmand

At least 40 Taliban insurgents were killed in an attack on Lashkargah the capital of southern Helmand province on Tuesday, local officials said.

In addition, 20 other insurgents were injured.

The clashes took place on Tuesday night in Babaji areas of Lashkargah after insurgents clashed with security forces, a spokesman for the Provincial Police Chief, Shah Mahmoud Ashna said.

“The insurgents took control of Babaji after the attack but then security forces were able to take control of the area early Wednesday. The clashes still continue in some parts of Lashkargah,” Ashna said.

“More troops have arrived from other districts of the province to support the local forces and security forces are being given air support.”

He said that “two security soldiers were also killed in the attack.”

But local security force members said on condition of anonymity that a number of security force members were killed in the attack and that numerous soldiers are missing.

However local officials have not commented on this.

Ashna said more troops “are now in Lashkargah to secure the city”.

Officials said that about 35 families have been displaced in the areas which the Taliban attacked and “now they are in Laskargah”.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the attack.

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