400 Medical Centers Have No Midwives: MoPH


The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday said that 400 medical centers in Afghanistan do not have midwives.

In a session to introduce the new framework for midwifery services, the MoPH said that due to the lack of midwives at medical centers, Afghan women are faced with serious challenges.

The MoPH said that with this new framework, they are trying to resolve the challenges faced by women.

“Midwives play an important role in reducing the maternal mortality rate. We are trying to overcome the problem that we have in this area and to train midwives,” said the Minister of Public Health, Ferozuddin Feroz.

The USAID Health and Nutrition Office said it was ready to support the government with the implementation of this framework.

“This framework will help us to develop and test innovative strategies for increasing access to reproductive, maternal and newborn health services, including the integration of alternate models of midwifery care. The MoPH has come a long way to improve Afghanistan’s healthcare. There is much work that can still be done by both of our countries working together to bring sustainable changes to Afghanistan’s health sector,” said USAID Health and Nutrition Office.

Meanwhile, the President of the International Midwives Confederation (IMC), Frances Day-Stirk, welcomed the framework.

“The goal of the framework is to lay the foundation of pragmatic steps and supporting tools that can be used by all involved in healthcare, all the decision makers and it is meant to support any country, whether they are high, middle or low income,” she said.

A lack of midwives and medical centers are considered as the main reasons for the high maternal and child mortality rate in Afghanistan.


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