45 Daesh Insurgents Killed in Nangarhar Operation


At least 25 Daesh insurgents were killed in a military operation in eastern Nangarhar province, officials at the 201 Selab Military Corps said on Wednesday.

The operation was launched on Tuesday in Achin district of the province and a number of villages have so far been cleared of insurgents, an official from the military corps, Shirin Agha, said.

“The operation will continue in the district to clear all insurgents,” he added.

However, he did not provide further details about the operation.

Daesh is active in five districts of the province, mostly in Achin.

Recently, General John Campbell, the outgoing commander of Resolute Support Mission and U.S forces in Afghanistan warned of the growing threat by Daesh.

At a meeting in Kabul, he said that the Taliban was more dangerous than Daesh, but said that attacks against Daesh have increased as the group poses direct threats against the U.S and the West.

He said their intent is to takeover Jalalabad and move on Kunar. “They want to attack Europe, they want to attack the United States, do they have the capability today, I don’t think so, but a lot of that is because of the pressure that is put on them by the Afghan security forces,” Campbell said.

Campbell took over as commander of the U.S and RS forces in Afghanistan eighteen months ago and has served in the U.S military for 36 years.

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