45 Taliban Commanders Killed In Four Months: MoI


The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Monday 45 Taliban commanders have been killed in air and ground operations by Afghan security forces over the past four months.

According to the ministry, Mullah Muzammil, designated governor of Taliban in Helmand, was among the key figures of Taliban killed recently in a military operation in Marjah district, Helmand.

Mullah Hayat, also known as Haji Lala, the Taliban’s designated governor for Kandahar was also targeted in a military operation by Afghan troops, the ministry said. In addition, Mullah Qasim, Taliban’s designated governor for Ghazni was killed in an air raid in Payenda Khail village in Ab Band district in Ghazni.

Mullah Ghani, designated deputy governor for Farah and Mawlawi Mumtaz Miakhail, designated deputy governor of Taliban for Kabul was killed in Hesarak district in Nangarhar province, the ministry said.

“Targeting key figures of militant groups in special operations carried out by Army and Police force members has proven to be very effective. It helps to eliminate main hubs of the insurents and weakens the enemy,” said MoI spokesman Sediq Seddiqi.

Analysts have said they believe that targeting the former leader of Taliban and other key figures of the group has weakened their ability on the battlegrounds.

“Taking a decisive step against militants is good. This will help us bring peace to the country. I think this is the best option,” said Saleh Mohammad Saleh, MP.

“The then strategy of the government in combat against Taliban was not a good strategy, because in some cases it was influenced by Pakistan. Pakistan has always been against development in Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Mohsen Mokhtar, analyst in military affairs.

Last week the US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said during his trip to Kabul that Washington remained committed to help Afghanistan fight terrorism.

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