575th Birth Anniversary of Amir Ali Sher Navai Marked In Kabul


A symposium was held at the Afghan Presidential Palace on Monday to mark the 575th birth anniversary of prominent philosopher, poet and writer Ami Ali Sher Navai.

Speaking at the symposium, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani said Navai was one of the great thinkers of Afghanistan’s history and the region and that a medal in his honor would be founded.

Ali Sher Navai was born in 1441 in the western province of Herat. He died in 1501.

During Navai’s lifetime, Herat was under the rule of the Timurid Empire and became one of the leading cultural and intellectual centers in the Muslim world.

Navai was one of the leading writers and intellectuals of his time. There are about 370 works of his that are still in existence today. He also had a great command of languages including Turkish, Uzbek and Persian languages.

“The gate for justice is inspired from great personalities such as Navai. Our aim in this government is to establish a just system that could change the righteous demands of Navai into reality,” Ghani said.

Navai, as one of the great intellectuals, was an icon of mysticism and politics during the Timurid Empire and the Khorasan dynasty.

“Today were celebrate the 575th birth anniversary of one of the major intellectuals of the world and we must realize the importance of this day,” Ghani’s first VP, Abdul Rashid Dostum said.

“Amir Ali Sher Navai is one of the leading personalities of Persian and Turkish literature and is among the top cultural figures,” Afghan writer Bakht Mohammad Bakhtyar said.

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