70pc Of Afghans Dismayed Over Wolesi Jirga Performance: Survey


A recent survey by Freedom House of Afghanistan reveals that almost 70 percent of people are not satisfied with the activity of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

According to the survey, 64 percent of respondents have said they would not vote for the serving members of the Wolesi Jirga in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The survey shows that only 10 percent of the respondents have defended lawmakers’ manner of speech and approach.

The organization said 7,367 persons from 34 provinces of the country were interviewed in the survey.

It indicates that 22 percent of the Afghan public have said the Wolesi Jirga was successful in overseeing government activity, legislations and public relations.

“33 percent of the respondents said the Wolesi Jirga has failed to take an effective step in fighting corruption,” said Rohullah Rezwani, a researcher of the organization.

When asked about parliament’s success in approving balanced and transparent budget, 13 percent of the respondents said yes while 55 percent of them said the parliament house did not act professionally when approving budgets.

Based on the survey, 37 percent of respondents said the Wolesi Jirga has a direct role in corruption.

Also, 19.5 percent of those interviewed in the survey said legislators exploit the National Assembly for personal ambitions.

They said 11.7 of the parliament members attend the Wolesi Jirga sessions regularly.

“They [MPs] took oath to serve the country, but they did not abide by it,” said MP Gul Padshah Majidi

“The views which are expressed by the people are positive,” said Farhad Sakhi, an MP.

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