91 Insurgents Killed, 34 Villages Cleared in Nangarhar

ANA operation

At least 91 Taliban insurgents have been killed in a large-scale military operation in three districts of eastern Nangarhar province over the past two weeks, local officials said on Saturday.

In addition, 62 Taliban insurgents were injured and 11 others arrested, including a Pakistani.

The operation was launched in Hesarak, Sherzad and Khoghyani districts of the province which border with Pakistan. The operation was launched to clear insurgents and will continue for a month, a spokesman for Nangarhar Police Chief, Hazrat Hussian Mashriqiwal said.

“The insurgents have been targeted by ground and air forces,” Mashriqiwal said. “The forces have also re-opened the road through Sherzad and Hesarak district – after insurgents closed it off three years ago.”
“So far five military soldiers and a policeman were injured during the operation,” he said.

Sherzad, Hesarak and Khoghyani are insecure districts in which the Taliban insurgents have activities and often target local security forces.

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