9th Death Anniversary of Zahir Shah Marked


Afghan government officials on Sunday marked the ninth anniversary of the death of Afghan King Mohammad Zahir Shah where they placed wreaths on his grave.

The late king ruled over the country for 40 years.

Afghanistan’s chief executive officer Abduillah Abdullah said that the late king had played a key role in Afghan history.

“The former king of Afghanistan has a special reputation in Afghanistan’s history,” said Abdullah.

In addition, relatives of Zahir Shah have said that he always tried to ensure Afghanistan developed and progressed in all spheres.

Democracy in Afghanistan was initially introduced to the country during Zahir Shah’s reign.

“He was always focusing on the comfort of people and development and tried to steer away from political complicity,” said former minister of information and culture Sayed Makhdom.

However, many believe that although security was good in those years, economic and political development showed no visible signs of progress.

Zahir Khan was proclaimed King (Shah) on 8 November 1933 at the age of 19. He died in Kabul in 2008.

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