A Fighting Future For MMA Champion


Baz Mohammad Mubariz, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, has recorded six victories and three loses in his eight-year career as Afghanistan’s MMA champion fighter.

Before taking up MMA fighting, Mubariz was a member of Afghanistan’s athletics team for five years, but then he found success in mixed martial arts.

The 26-year-old sportsman has been a member of Afghanistan’s MMA team since 2008 and has participated in several international events out of the country.

He has won three gold and one silver medals in amateur MMA and has done a tremendous job in MMA cage fighting where he has scooped two belts and three titles.

His last fight was in Moscow in March where he defeated his Russian rival.

Now he carries out his exercises at a martial arts academy in Thailand.

Mubariz says that his inspiration is his family and they are behind his success.

He was born in Baghlan province and has one daughter whose name is Raihan.

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