A Foreign War Underway, But Not A Civil Conflict: Ghani


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday warned his country’s enemies against harming Afghanistan, saying the country was the land of the brave and enemies will be eliminated here.

He said that a foreign war is ongoing in Afghanistan, but not a civil war.

Last year the enemies were plotting to overthrow the government, Ghani said, while addressing a gathering of Afghan youths in Kabul.

Talking on the contribution of Afghan youths to security, Ghani said they play a constructive role in the rank and file of the security forces for the safety and defense of the country.

“The enemies of the government of Afghanistan thought (1394) solar year would be the end of the government, but they took this dream with them to their graves. The youths of the country, while serving in the ranks of the army, police and NDS, safeguarded their country. 1395 solar year was the year of survival for the nation and we collectively remained in a defensive position; the enemies showcased whatever they had and tried to commit aggression. But they didn’t know there were lions here that would eat them,” said Ghani.

In addition, Ghani spoke about the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan and said Afghanistan in terms of its strategic location in the region has always been in crisis.

He said that currently Afghanistan is the focus of the international community, and said that the future for the youth of the country will be very bright.

Ghani called on the youth to utilize their full potential.

Meanwhile, the administrative office of the president has pledged to hire at least 10,000 youths in government institutions next year and said the recruitment process will be carried out on the basis of merit.

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