Abdullah Calls For Robust Global Cooperation To Curb Violence In War-Hit Nations


Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who addressed the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey on Monday, called for wider international cooperation to address the crisis facing people across the world.

According to Abdullah’s deputy spokesman Jawed Faisal, the Chief Executive also called for strong international cooperation to address the refugee crisis and terrorism.

“Abdullah in his speech at the summit said that the world countries should join hands and seek ways on how to overcome conflicts in war-hit countries and they should not allow schools and healthcare centers to be the target,” Faisal said.

Abdullah asked for more international cooperation for Afghanistan in its struggle against terrorism.

The purpose of the summit is to set a forward-looking agenda for humanitarian action to collectively address future humanitarian challenges. The aim is to build a more inclusive and diverse humanitarian system committed to humanitarian principles.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Secretary General, Bank Ki Moon, said the prolonged waves of violence emerging out of insurgency and terrorism have changed the hopes of people to pessimism and desperation.

“We must invest in humanity. We need to approve direct funding to local people and communities and fix the persistent humanitarian funding gap and invest in building stable and inclusive societies,” Ban Ki said.

“Terrorism does not recognize color and race. Dozens‎ of people are killed in the world on a daily basis. We must curb violence to make stable and prosperous lives by being responsive,” Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said.

The three main goals of the summit are:

1. Reaffirm commitments to humanity and humanitarian principles.

2. Initiate actions and commitments which enable countries and communities to prepare for and respond to crises and be more resilient to shocks.

3. Share best practices which help save lives around the world, placing affected people at the center of humanitarian action and alleviating suffering.

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