Abdullah Calls for Unity on Ashura Day

Abdullah Abdullah CEO

CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Saturday called on all Afghan communities and groups to stay united and show solidarity towards each other.

Speaking at a ceremony commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Abdullah said the Afghan nation has learned from Hussain to never bow to oppressors.

“History has proven that the Afghan nation has never been defeated,” Abdullah told the gathering attended by his deputy Engineer Khan, the acting defense minister Masoom Stanekzai, the interior minister Noorulhaq Olomi and other senior government officials.

Referring to foreign interference in Afghanistan’s affairs, Abdullah said he has called on the international community to help stop those involved in promoting and financing insurgency in Afghanistan.

He said however that Afghanistan had no enmity with any country and they would follow friendly relations.

In addition, he praised the sacrifices of the security forces who have either lost their lives or sustained injuries in battling the enemies of the country.

“Our nation has given huge sacrifices for the country and they are still sacrificing their lives,” Abdullah continued.

‎Before his speech, the acting defense minister Masoom Stanekzai also stressed the need for unity and solidarity among Afghans.

He stated that the epic of Ashura is a great lesson for the Afghans to not accept defeat.

Ashura – 10th of Lunar month of Muharram – is observed by Muslims across the globe to remember the martyrdom of Hussain.

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