Abdullah Terms Uproar Over Continuation Of NUG's Tenure As Personal


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah, said that those who no longer have the facilities they used to have, are unhappy with the continuation of the National Unity Government’s (NUG) tenure.‎ Abdullah urged political figures to cooperate with the government, instead of creating problems and criticizing the activities of the NUG.

Recent remarks by the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s about the legal tenure of the NUG sparked a strong reaction from some politicians. The former president Hamid Karzai also said that Kerry’s remarks were in contrast with the national sovereignty of Afghanistan.

In response to these reactions, Abdullah said: “This outcry has two sides; the first is the uproar with the people who truly care for people of Afghanistan; they observe the situation and expect better steps to be taken…. The second is the uproar with the people who have the right to be upset and we understand them. The previous facilities are no more available for them and they avail every opportunity to lash out at the government.”

The CEO also ruled out the possibility of the establishment of an interim government.

“Two former ministers, who are no longer in their positions, have expressed their views…. One has said that early elections should be held and another has said that an interim government should be established. These are the viewpoints that have been expressed. It doesn’t mean that work is underway to end this government and establish an interim government,” Abdullah said.

Hinting at the peace process, he pointed out that the Taliban believe in a military solution, rather than a political solution.

“The war continues. It means that the Taliban still believes in a military solution. They [Taliban] however in some places, at the sideline of some conferences as well as official and unofficial meetings say that war is not a solution,” he said.
This comes at a time that insecurity has intensified in some parts of the country.

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