Abdullah Urges Action To Safeguard Public's Trust

National Unity Government CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Monday stated that the NUG must do everything possible to maintain public trust as losing it would be the end of the line for government.

“Unfortunately, due to circumstances and [various] reasons, today we are in a position where NUG leaders are under question. We must not do anything to lose people’s trust, as losing people’s trust means end of work [for this government],” says Abdullah.

The CEO however strongly criticized the issue of the electronic ID cards and said the roll out process was critical to the country moving forward but that the issue has been neglected.

Abdullah said that the public has put the NUG leaders on the spot regarding this – a roll out campaign that should have kicked off two years ago.

“The issuance of electronic ID cards is a national process, where some neglect has occurred. We will discuss the issue with the president today. If the delay is due to a political reason at the higher levels, it must be cleared up, so that we can answer the people,” says Abdullah.

Abdullah also criticized former president Hamid Karzai’s government, stating current problems were inherited from the previous government.

He said it was: “A government full of corruption, from bottom to top, an inheritance of insecurity, inheritance of terrorism and finally an inheritance of ruined relations between Afghanistan and the international community and its neighbors.”

During this week’s ministers council meeting, Abdullah said that based on a new decision, ministers will have to travel to provinces in order to familiarize themselves with what is happening around the country. These trips are to start soon, he said.

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