Abdullah's Executive Authorities Curbed: CEO Office


The office of the Chief Executive of the National Unity Government (NUG), Abdullah Abdullah, on Sunday confirmed that the executive authorities of the CEO – defined by a presidential decree – have been limited, which has given rise to the recent tension between the two leaders.

“He is the chief executive. The chief executive means he should have the executive power, and government’s executive issues must be tackled from this address,” said Jawed Faisal, deputy spokesman for the CEO.

The following is the list of executive authorities given to Abdullah according to a decree.

• Presiding over meetings of the Council of Ministers

• Taking part in cabinet and National Security Council meetings

• Creating executive coordination in implementing inter-ministerial programs

• Creating and leading the sub-committees of the Council of Ministers

• Approving the working plan of the Council of Ministers and reporting back on the implementation to cabinet meetings

• Undertaking the leadership and management of the Chief Executive Office and the Council of Ministers Secretariat as an independent budgetary unit

• Appointing or dismissing employees of the Chief Executive Office and the Council of Ministers Secretariat on the basis of the prevailing laws and regulations of Afghanistan

• Accompanying the president during official and ceremonial events of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

• Proposing ministerial nominees to the president

• Asking for the working reports of ministries and implementing necessary reforms based on the law

The agreement has also defined a number of financial authorizes to the CEO

• Approving formation and budgets for the Chief Executive Office and the Council of Ministers Secretariat as a single budgetary unit

• Approving the allocation of 30 percent of funds from the 91 Code (policy)

According to the agreement, other financial authorities of the Chief Executive will be approved by the president.

Meanwhile, the Ghani-Abdullah row has sparked widespread reaction in the country.

“Leaders of the national unity government united under pressure and survived until now under pressure,” said MP Abdul Hai Akhondzada.

“The government was formed on the basis of an agreement, Dr. Abdullah was supposed to be awarded shared government privileges, but this has not been achieved,” said MP Ghulam Farooq Majroh.

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