ACCI Calls For Cancellation of APTTA


Officials at the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) have called for the cancellation of Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit and Trade Agreement (APTTA).

They said that since Afghanistan, Pakistan and India got membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO), there is no need for other bilateral and trilateral agreements.

To resolve its trade and transit problems with Pakistan, ACCI officials said that the government should pave the way for activities of Afghanistan under the framework of WTO.

“We have lots of problems and Pakistan has always pledged to resolve the problems and implement APTTA; however, it has never delivered on its promises,” said Atiqullah Nasrat, the Chief Executive Officer of ACCI.

He urged government to cancel this agreement, because it is not needed any longer.‎ “One of the reasons that we got membership of the WTO was to put an end to these problems,” he added.

Meanwhile, officials at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries said that Afghanistan will start its activities under the framework of WTO within three months. As a short term solution, they said that necessary changes should be brought to the APTTA.

“We are trying to bring about necessary changes to the APTTA soon,” said Mosafer Qoqandi, spokesman for the ministry. It is said that Pakistan, during the last session of APTTA, has agreed to allow ten trucks of Afghanistan’s goods on daily basis to go directly to Wagah border between Pakistan and India. However, officials at the ACCI say that Pakistan doesn’t allow trucks to bring Indian goods in return and that’s why no transportation company is ready to transport goods to Wagah.

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