Activists Pitch Tent In Kabul As Part Of Education Drive


A number of young activists on Sunday took their national drive, to collect educational toys and equipment for poor children, to the streets of Kabul.

The program, run by Youth Reaction Association and called Education and Development, was launched four months ago through social media platforms. On Sunday the organization pitched a tent in front of the Ministry of Information and Culture in the capital.

They say they started the program to encourage war affected and poor children to continue their education.

“They (government and militants) collect charity for buying tanks and weapons to kill each other. I call on them, instead of weapons, buy stationery for me to rescue my child from the enemy,” said Aimal Lodin, a campaign organizer.

“We want to encourage our people to send their children to school to become educated and not to learn suicide (bombings) and killing,” said Esmatullah Muslim, the head of Youth Reaction Association.

The program has especially been welcomed by students and residents of Nuristan and Nangarhar provinces.

“Khogiani district of Nangarhar is an insecure district in which there is no school. This is a good campaign for gathering educational tools for the children,” said Parviz Zaland, a student.

“Although Nuristan is a secure province, over the past 16 years, we have not seen any child who has studied up to grade six,” said Qadir, a resident of Nuristan.

Based on the statistics of the Ministry of Education (MoD), nearly 50 percent of schools across the country do not have buildings and students have lessons in tents.

In addition to this, thousands of students, along with their families, have been displaced recently due to ongoing battles in a number of provinces including Helmand and Kunduz.

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