Activists Term Taliban Attack on TOLO Staff Violation of Human Rights


Women rights activists have condemned the Taliban attack on TOLO TV staffers, saying that the incident signals that the Taliban’s continued existence is as brutal as ever.

“Enemy can not silence the voice of women by plotting such an atrocity,” Khadija Yaqeen, head of Baghlan women affairs department said. “We call on the government to serve justice on the perpetrators who planned the attack.”

“Those arrested in connection to the incident must be prosecuted openly,” she said.

Members of the Independent Human Rights Commission in Badakhshan have also denounced the Taliban attack on TOLO staff as a clear violation of human rights and violation to international charter of human rights and human values.

“The suicide attack that hit TOLO TV staffers will not prevent women from working in media, we demand the government serve justice on those who plotted the crime,” women rights activist Oranos Atifi said.

Rights activists have termed Wednesday’s Taliban suicide carnage as a cowardly act which indicates that the insurgent group does not worry about killing civilians or of freedom of speech.

“We condemn the Taliban action in the strongest possible terms, the terrorists by committing the attack have violated human rights,” head of AIHRC commission site office in Badakhshan Maroofa Nawid said.

Meanwhile, civil society activists and residents of Badakhshan province in northern Afghanistan have asked the government to ensure open trial of those arrested by the security forces in connection with the incident.

“Terrorists by committing the crime showed that they are enemies of humanity and the human society. If the government does not take steps for safety of freedom of speech, the achievements gained over the past 14 years will likely collapse,” head of Badakhshan civil society institution, Saifuddin Saihoon said.

The activists have warned that if the government does not serve justice on the eight individuals who were arrested by the Afghan intelligence agency on Friday, the people will never trust the government.


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