Activists Warn Against Politics In Name Of Islam

Civil society activists on Monday dismissed the recent statements made by some members of the new Council for the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan that Islam was in danger in Afghanistan.

Activists said that there were no threats against Islam in Afghanistan, accusing certain elements of using Islam in their quest to reach their political goals and to gain points from government.

This comes a few days after a number of ex-Jihadi leaders and former senior government officials announced the formation of the new council which is aimed at making government meet its commitments on reforms in various sectors including the electoral system.

In response to comments by some council members, the activists accused the organization of pursuing political objectives by making the comments which they say have no base.

The activists accused council members of sedition, and said by making such comments they push the country towards a crisis.

“They [council members] want to gain benefits in the name of Jihad. But the entire people of Afghanistan have played a role in Jihad, however, only members of this council claim to be the Jihadists,” civil society activist Attaullah Hairan said.

The activists warned against any unlawful move by the council to topple the present system, noting that if the council resorted to extra constitutional moves, civil society activists and people will not allow them to commit such actions.

Activists also called on government to ease tensions within its own ranks and work for the stability and development and security of the country.

“Government must focus on the prosperity and development of the country, they must wake up and change their views,” civil society activist Yousaf Amin Zazai said.

A number of ex-Jihadi leaders, former senior government officials and civil society members last week announced the establishment the Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan in order to find solutions to current challenges and to support the system.

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