Afghan Air Force Pilot Suspended After Criticizing Management

An Afghan Air Force (AAF) pilot, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, was allegedly suspended after criticizing the management and the pilots’ living conditions.

Rahimi, who serves in the 777th Special Brigade, said on Thursday that he got verbal notice from his commander that he was suspended after he criticized management via social media posts.

But after the news went viral on social media, his commander Gen. Abdul Fahim Ramin allegedly reversed his decision and said the case will be heard on Saturday, Rahimi told TOLOnews on Friday.

Lack of proper food and accommodation and weak management in his unit were among his top concerns.

Each Afghan Air Force pilot, who are in short supply, cost about $2.5 million USD to train, said Rahimi.

The move was widely criticized among Afghans as the war-torn country has very few trained pilots.

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