Afghan Border Policeman Killed in Clash With Pakistani Forces


At least one Afghan border policeman was killed and six others injured in clashes with Pakistani border forces in Torkham on Sunday night, officials said.

The clash took place on Sunday night at 9:15pm local time and continued for more than seven hours, executive officer of the border police forces, Mohammad Ayoub Hussainkhil said.

Hussainkhil said that the clash happened after Pakistan border police wanted to build installations in Torkham.

However, officials did not provide more details over the clash.

In the meantime, Pakistani officials confirmed that two of their border policemen were injured in the clash.

This comes after Pakistani border police recently closed the border gate to Afghans without visas.

Officials said that the Torkham border is now closed after the attack.

A week ago, a number of vehicle drivers and shopkeepers in Torkham protested over the continued closure of the Torkham border.

The protestors said that Torkham is not recognized as the border between the two countries and Pakistan does not have the right to close the gate.

The protestors warned Pakistan that if they do not open the gate they will face a major response from Afghans.

Hundreds of Afghan travelers, many of whom are medical tourists, cross through Torkham daily.

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