Afghan Doctors Help Disabled Poor Walk Again


Afghan doctors at Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan Hospital in Kabul have conducted a series of successful operations on a congenitally disabled boy that have made it possible for him to walk, eat and play – things he was previously unable to do.

Doctors and family members have confirmed that the fifteen year old, named Haidar, is resident of Ghor province and lost his entire family under the Taliban regime. Reportedly Haidar had lost hope that he would ever be able to walk – before beginning the treatment.

“The fifteen year old Haidar was congenitally disabled and one year ago he was referred to us and after four operations we were able to treat him and now he can walk and he can address all his necessities by his own,” said Abdul Wali Ashrat Ahmadzai, the head of the orthopedic department at Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan hospital.

Haidar says that in addition to the practical difficulties he faced because of his disabilities, he also was bullied by other children his age.

“For years I suffered and when I was going outside to play my friends were making fun of me and I was not able to play and eat,” Haidar told TOLOnews. “Now I can walk, study, eat and I can even play football,” he said.

According to Haidar’s relatives, he had traveled to Pakistan and Iran previously in search of treatment, but they did not have enough money to get it.

“Haidar has lost all his family under the Taliban regime in Bamyan province and then we brought him to Ghor to our home and he was congenitally disabled but may Allah bless Dr. Wali who treated him,” said Haidar’s aunt.

This is not the first time that doctors in Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan Hospital successfully treated a congenitally disabled boy; previously, a team of Afghan surgeons conducted a successful operation on a female patient who was unable to walk for almost 20 years.

Twenty-one year old Samana moved around for most of her life by dragging her legs with the support of her upper body. After 20 years, and six operations doctors were able to give her the gift of walking.

The young lady, who hails from a poor family from western Herat province, thanked the team of surgeons and expressed hope for her future.

“I was disappointed several times because I had consulted several doctors for treatment, but had no luck,” Samana said. “But these doctors here renewed my hope and now I am healthy and happy. In the future I want to become a doctor.”

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