Afghan Forces Advancing in Sangin Battle

afghan  air forces

Local officials in southern Helmand province on Wednesday said that security forces are moving forward in the battle in Sangin district of the province and have reached the bazaar.

Mirza Khan Rahimi, the provincial governor said that the district will soon be cleared of insurgents and that the road to Lashkargah, the capital of the province, will re-open.

“The security forces are mobilized in Helmand and have equipment and now they are fighting very well against the insurgents. The forces are moving forward in Sangin and the Taliban has suffered heavy casualties,” Rahimi said.

The forces have been deployed to military bases in the district and have advanced about 6km forward, military officials said.

“In this war we have moved forward a few kilometers in Sangin and soon we will clear Sangin of insurgents. We are asking the people to cooperate with us,” Shingai, a military soldier said.

Concerns were raised recently over the activity of insurgents and a number of local officials warned government that if they do not eliminate the insurgents they will take control of a number of districts.

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