Afghan Forces Retake Key Areas of Kunduz City

Afghan-commandos night-raids

Afghan security forces carried out night raids in northern Kunduz province on Friday night in a bid to flush out insurgents – especially those hiding in civilian homes, local officials said on Saturday.

Officials say security forces are moving forward through the Khan Abad area in Kunduz city which has largely been under the control of the Taliban.

“The Taliban insurgents attacked the city (last Monday) from this district which is now under the control of Afghan security forces,” officials said.

Meanwhile, Karim Amini TOLOnews journalist who is reporting from Kunduz said airstrikes are also being conducted in some parts of the city.

There are still no official details on casualties but hospital officials say at least 100 people, plus over 400 insurgents have been killed in the 13-day battle.

Police say army commanders are also on the battle field and are monitoring and leading clearance operations.

Officials say there are still however insurgents hiding in civilian houses but they add that insurgents are fleeing the city as security forces push forward.

Amini reports that house-to-house searches are being conducted. However, the bodies of insurgents are still seen on streets in the city.

But it is the civilians who are paying the price for the fighting which has entered its 13th day.

TOLOnews correspondent Sharif Amiry on Friday visited several families that either lost their loved ones or have faced massive financial losses.

Atiqullah, who is injured himself, said the Taliban killed his brother and injured two of his family members.

According to him, insurgents looted their house and showed no mercy to them.

He said his second brother was also wounded and is currently in one of the hospitals in Balkh province.

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