Afghan Govt Marks 75th Afghan-Sweden Relations Anniversary

Afghan National Unity Government (NUG) on Tuesday marked the 75th Afghan-Sweden relations anniversary during a special ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Kabul.

President Ashraf Ghani, speaking at the occasion, thanked the Swedish government for their long-term friendship and for all the assistance they have provided the Afghan government with in the past 75 years.

“Seventy five years of friendship shows that Sweden has always assisted us and cooperated with us,” Ghani said.

The 75-year-old friendship will be strengthened in the years to come, Ghani added.

He said that in the 1990s the Swedish government played a defacto role in various official areas and helped to strengthen human capital in the country.

“Sweden always played a prominent role in working for women’s rights and the equality of both genders,” Ghani said.

He thanked Sweden for its continued commitment towards Afghanistan.

“The Swedish commitment to the Afghan government is commendable and Sweden is one of the few countries that has made a long-term commitment and we thank you for that,” Ghani said.

On their role over the years in education, Ghani said that “today many educated men throughout the country studied at Swedish-run schools in the country.”

Meanwhile, Ghani also thanked Sweden for its commitment to help with nearly $1 billion dollars for transformation over the next ten years.

In addition, Ghani thanked the Swedish government for their efforts to bring peace in the country and said Sweden had played a fundamental role in launching national solidarity projects in Afghanistan.

In conclusion Ghani said that the majority of Muslims around the world suffer from hatred and oppression.

He said Afghans have given more sacrifices in the way of Islam in this country.

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