Afghan-Pakistan Local Cricket Starts Wednesday


The Afghanistan Development Squad (ADS) is set to play a series of cricket matches against Habib Bank Limited (HBL), a visiting Pakistani team, under the title of ‘peace and friendship’.

The teams are scheduled to play four one-day and two four-day matches at the Kabul cricket stadium.

The first match, over four days, gets underway from Wednesday.

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) said on Tuesday, at a press conference, that insecurity was the only challenge for the board – in terms of hosting international teams.

“We can host any kind of series here, but we don’t take the risk to bring a team – to host a series with international teams like India, Pakistan or other countries – because if Allah forbid there happens a single gunshot, we will be banned from cricket, like Pakistan is currently banned,” said Nasimullah Danish, the chairman of the ACB.

The captain of Habib Bank Limited cricket team, Imran Farhat, meanwhile said Afghanistan’s cricket team was hardworking.

“I am hoping this series will be successful, then it will be a good message for international cricket teams that they can come here and play the Afghanistan cricket team, which is working very hard and we saw that in the World Cup,” he said.

Habib Bank Limited cricket team has already put in some practice at the Kabul cricket stadium.

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