Afghan Policeman Lost His Life To Save Others In Pakistan Consulate Attack

An Afghan police officer from Jalalabad was the hero of the day in last week’s attack on the Pakistani consulate after he physically prevented a suicide bomber from getting close to the consulate’s gate.

Ajmal, who was on duty outside the consulate at the time, spotted the suicide bomber from across the road. At the time there was a queue of people outside the consulate waiting their turn to get in to apply for visas.

However, Ajmal, who was with his father, saw the suicide bomber crossing the road and approached him. He wrapped his arms around the attacker to stop him from getting to the entrance where the visa applicants were waiting.

But, the bomber detonated his explosives, killing both Ajmal and his father.

According to his brother Daoud, Ajmal sacrificed his life to save those at the consulate entrance.

“Ajmal, my brother, was a soldier, and last week he held back the suicide bomber when he tried to get in the consulate but he would not let the attacker kill innocent people,” said Daoud.

He said his brother had been the sole breadwinner in the house and has left behind four sons.

Ajmal’s son Nikmal who is five years old said that: “Every day I was going outside with my father but last week I was waiting my father to take me to Bazar but suddenly his funeral came and it made me really sad,”.

“My father is dead and now I am an orphan,” said Usman another son of Ajmal.

Ajaml’s family and children have called on government to assist them.

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