Afghan Refugees Start To Outnumber Syrians In Serbia

Thousands of migrants – most of them Afghans – queued for several hours in the Serbian town of Presevo on Thursday to obtain registration papers that would allow them to continue their journey towards Western Europe.

The migrants had crossed into Serbia from Macedonia and some of them had to spend a night in the open waiting to get their papers.

After getting valid papers migrants are then able to travel by bus or train to the Serbian town of Sid.

From Sid, they continue their journey to Croatia by train, according to the latest agreement between Serbia and Croatian authorities.

“Compared to a few days ago, today is a little less people, but the crowds are still visible. It seems to me that there are more people from Afghanistan than before, but for a week there have been more people from Afghanistan and less Syrians. Also less families than before,” Slobodan Savovic, from the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration said.

Meanwhile, Slovenian soldiers began the construction of a barbed wire fence close to the border with Croatia a day after the government said it would start to put up fences to help control large numbers of migrants.

At the border near Gibina, the Slovenian military stretched out rolls of wire between newly-planted posts for the fence.

Slovenia said on Tuesday it would put up “temporary technical hurdles” along its border with Croatia in the coming days to control migrants.

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