Afghan Refugees Struggle To Find Work


Among the thousands of Afghan refugees that have made it to Germany, very few have found work.

One of the few Afghan refugees to find work is Yar Mohammad Haqyar, who works for a German construction company as a painter. He said he was pleased to have found a job although he is still waiting to have his asylum application granted.
“I came from Afghanistan to Germany, because there is a war in Afghanistan for 70 years. You can have a good life in Germany. Now I’ve found a job and I find the work very interesting and I would like to stay in this job,” Haqyar said.

The construction company officials meanwhile said they were happy to employ a migrant.

“I decided to take on a migrant because I wanted to give him a chance to get integrated into the labor market,” said the head of the construction company, Anita Brunner.

But not all asylum seekers have been so lucky in Germany.

Betram Brossardt, Managing Director of the Bavarian Industry Association said that of those he has tried to place, jobs have been found for about 30 percent.

“Those who couldn’t be placed yet are joining further projects and we hope that they soon will find apprenticeships and jobs.”

In 2015, over 450,000 refugees made their way to Germany alone. However, not all will be granted asylum.

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