Afghanistan Joins Global Coalition In Fight Against Daesh

After a sharp increase in threats by Daesh insurgents in parts of the country, the Afghan government has decided to join the Global Coalition against Daesh – a move that was welcomed by senior U.S officials.

U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said at an international event that he welcomes Kabul’s move to join the coalition.

“We have always recognized. Everybody here has always said this will be multi-year effort and it is going to demand sustained contributions and efforts by every country,” Kerry said.

“Yesterday, Afghanistan which we all know has its own challenges and which most of us involved in helping has also decided to join the coalition, recognizing that it too faces challenges and wants to make its contributions to this effort. So we welcome that,” he added.

Meanwhile, a number of Afghan analysts believe that it is a late decision by the Afghan government.

“Considering the current challenges and threats, Kabul’s move is late for this purpose,” said Irshad Khatibi, a university lecturer.

According to reports, at least 60 countries have joined the Global Coalition against Daesh so far.

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