Afghanistan Will Face Strategic Failure In Our Absence: Senior U.S Official

Chairman of the U.S Senate Armed Services Committee John Sidney McCain has said that a low presence of American troops in Afghanistan will put the country on a path of strategic failure.

He told the U.S senate that a reduction in the number of U.S troops on the battlefield has delayed the military operations carried out by Afghan security forces in parts of Afghanistan.

“Tactical or operational setbacks, which have been in our power to reverse, will put Afghanistan in a path of strategic failure. We will be powerless to stop and risk that again by the sacrifices of American troops and Afghan troops will be squandered,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jack Reed member of the U.S Senate Armed Services Committee, said the recommendations of the new NATO chief in Afghanistan should be considered.

“To achieve our objectives in Afghanistan throughout the rest of 2016 and 2017 and as I said before his recommendations must be given most serious considerations since he is on the battlefield and closest to the issue.”

The Pentagon meanwhile said Afghanistan is important for the United States for several reasons and that Washington will do all it can to keep Afghanistan stable.

“I still assess that the Afghan security forces are capable of holding their gains against the Taliban. However like with any plan saving conditions on the ground may require a re-evaluation of our planning assumptions. We have invested a great deal in that country. It is an important country for a number of reasons and we want to do what is necessary to help the Afghans to be successful in the long term,” said Lloyd James Austin commander of U.S. Central Command.

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