Afghans Petition UN Security Council To Act Against Pakistan

More than 15,000 Afghans have signed a petition calling on the United Nation’s Security Council to step in and take action against Pakistan.

The petition letter, which measures 200 meters in length, was circulated among Kabul residents – of which thousands made the effort to sign it at a park in the center of the city.

The petition calls on the UN Security Council, and the Afghan government to act on the rise in attacks in the country and curb Pakistan’s reported actions against Afghanistan.

One policeman who went to Shar-e Naw Park, specifically to sign the petition, said: “We urge the UN Secretary General to act on Pakistan’s hostile actions against Afghanistan and rescue us from suicide blasts.”

Kabul residents want the United Nations to adopt a clear stance against Pakistan.

“More than 15,000 signatures have been collected in this petition letter and we will hand it over to the international community and they must answer us. Pakistan’s promises always remain on paper only and this time a serious decision must be taken toward Pakistan,” said Shuria Sirat Walizada a civil society activist.

Many Afghans believe that the spate of recent deadly attacks against mostly civilians in Kabul is the doing of Pakistan. This comes after President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah both publicly blamed Pakistan for masterminding the attacks.

Relations between the two countries have soured considerably in recent weeks despite Pakistan urging Afghanistan not to play the blame game.

Last Wednesday, the Afghan ambassador to Islamabad was summoned to a meeting with Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry. Pakistan wanted to convey its concerns over the recent spate of allegations leveled against them by government, media and senior officials – in what they called was a bid to ‘malign’ Pakistan.

Two weeks ago, Ghani addressed the nation and made it clear that the Kabul bombings, particularly that in Shah Shaheed – which killed 15 and injured over 400 people, mostly civilians – was unacceptable and that it was a game changer for the country.

He said the only message he was getting from Pakistan was one of war and that so long as there was bloodshed in the country, the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan meant nothing.

“Pakistan still remains the venue and ground for gatherings from which mercenaries send us a message of war,” he said.

At the time, he said Afghanistan can no longer stand back and witness the killing of its citizens and said he does not know why those in support of Islam are keeping quiet about the recent attacks.

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