AG Calls On Religious Scholars To Help Anti-Corruption Efforts

The Attorney General Farid Hamidi on Sunday called on religious scholars to take serious steps towards fighting corruption and overcoming crime in the country.

He said his office will recommend a week, to be called Family Week – to be designated for families to take part in efforts to reduce the crime rate and overcome the endemic corruption with the help of religious scholars.

“We have the anti-corruption judicial center where we will hold public trials every week. The religious scholars should monitor the activity of government offices and I think it is the best way of monitoring,” Hamidi said.

He added that most crimes can be rooted out by encouraging families to train their children and give them the motivation to lead a better life.

“Today’s generation should realize the values of the past generation and should maintain them. Families should try to raise their children in a better way. We have witnessed a number of crimes that if the suspects were raised well by their family, they would not become criminals,” Hamidi stated.

Meanwhile, a number of religious scholars vowed to work with communities in this respect.

“The Afghanistan Ulema [religious scholars] supports this move. We urge the ministry of hajj and religious affairs to determine the next Friday’s sermons in coordination with the council,” said Attaullah Ludin, member of the council.

“Efforts for reform is a good thing and we are all standing with the Attorney General in his efforts in this regard,” said Mohammad Amin Mozafari, a religious scholar.

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