AGO Steps Up Fight To Stop Violence Against Women


In the presence of President Ashraf Ghani, the Attorney General on Thursday signed four agreements with different government departments to stop violence against women and children in the country.

The agreements were signed with the Ministry of Education (MoE), Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG).

The Attorney General, Farid Hamidi, said that violence against women and children has increased and is a national problem that should be stopped.

“The statistics and figures show that violence against women is a big problem in the country and it should be prohibited. Judicial steps alone cannot stop the violence, but we should make cultural and social efforts to fight the phenomena,” Hamidi said.

Meanwhile, Rula Ghani, the country’s first lady, also asked families to treat women with respect and to follow Islam’s teachings about women.

“The women are created the same as you (men) – feel safe with each other – and find peace and kindness in each other,” said the first lady.

Parwin Rahimi, head of the Prosecution Office on the Elimination of Violence against Women said government has taken steps to stop such violence and that the department appreciates the move.

“The prosecution office seriously fights the violence and punishes people who commit crimes against women and children,” she said.

According to recent AGO statistics, in the past eight months nearly 3,700 cases of violence against women have been recorded.

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