Air Power Critical to Determine Fate of War: MoD

As embattled Afghan security forces continue their military campaigns against the Taliban on several fronts across the country, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) on Monday stressed the need for a capable, well-equipped and strong Afghan air force to tackle threats effectively.

Security officials have emphasized that a strong Afghan Air Force is essential to help forces on the ground.

According to the MoD, air power has been playing a critical role on the battleground and it can determine the fate of war, hailing the delivery of Super Tucano military aircrafts to Afghan forces by the U.S.

The Afghan Air Force carries out about 150 combat and supply missions in a single day, the MoD said in a statement.

“Super Tucano planes have bombardment capacity and are equipped with guided missiles and surveillance cameras. Super Tucano aircrafts played a key role in recent battles,” defense ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri told TOLOnews.

It is believed that the Afghan Air Force inflicted major damage to Taliban fighters these past few days in the volatile province of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan following the group’s new summer offensive to recapture the city.

“In recent operations carried out in Kunduz province, our air force managed to inflict a major death toll to the enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan,” head of media relations department of 20th Pamir Army Unit, Nazar Mohammad said.

These days, the Afghan security forces are fighting the Taliban and other militant groups in several parts of the country.

“Casualties increased among the insurgents as a result of these operations including their vehicles,” Farah police chief Toryalai Abdiyani said.

According to MoD, only on Saturday, the Afghan Air Force carried out at least 90 missions.

The Afghan officials have persistently urged their international partners, mainly the United States, to provide more air equipment to the Afghan security forces including fighter jets and other necessary ammuniton to enable them to strike the militants with more repressive force during battles – a call which has been responded positively by the U.S officials.

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