Airstrike in Faryab Leaves 23 Insurgents Dead

At least 23 Taliban insurgents among six foreigners were killed in an Afghan military airstrike in northwestern Faryab province on Saturday, local officials said.

In addition, 14 other insurgents were injured, officials added.

The airstrike came after the Taliban insurgents attacked Kohistan district, said Mohammad Reza Rezaye, head of the Media Office of 209 ANA Shaheen Corps.

“The situation is now under control of the military forces,” he said.

However the Kohistan Police Chief, Abdul Ahad Behzad said that threats to the military forces remained high and asked them to stay alert.

Kohistan is one of the remote districts in the province, about 100 km from the provincial capital.

Over the past few months, the Taliban insurgents have increased their activities across the country and have been frequently targeting the security posts.

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