Al-Qaeda Operatives Deploying To Zabul Districts: Officials Warn


Zabul police headquarters on Thursday said there are clear indications that militants affiliated to the al-Qaeda terrorist network are deploying in Arghandab, Dai Chopan and Khak-e-Afghan districts of the province.

Members of Zabul provincial council warned that the resurgence of these militants in the province is posing serious threats to national security.

According to Zabul police chief, movements by the militant group initially started six months ago.

“They are in Khak-e-Afghan area including Dai Chopan and some other remote regions, Al-Qaeda or Daesh operatives, whatever you call them, foreigners exist there, ” said Mirwais Khan Noorzai, Zabul police chief.

Local officials have asked the government to take action so that these insurgents do not infiltrate other provinces.

“Currently they exist in five districts, in recent times three hundred families of militants arrived there in Khak-e-Afghan areas where the Taliban were ruling,” said Atta Haq Bayan a member of the provincial council in Zabul.

This new development comes after a recent report by the UN cited there are approximately 11,000 foreign militants fighting in Afghanistan at the moment.

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