Amnesty International Slams Wednesday Attack

Amnesty International on Friday strongly condemns the suicide attack on a shuttle bus carrying over 30 media workers associated with TOLO TV, killing seven and injuring 27 people – including 26 staff members.

Amnesty International urged the Afghan government to take effective steps to stem the tide of violence against journalists, and in particular calls on the authorities to conduct thorough, prompt, impartial and transparent investigations into this and other violent, attacks.

“Where there is sufficient evidence, authorities should prosecute those suspected of responsibility for violent attacks on journalists, human rights defenders and activists exercising their right to freedom of expression,” Amnesty International said in a statement.

In addition, the authorities must also address the security needs of journalists and human rights defenders and provide adequate protection so that they can carry out their work without fear of intimidation and harassment and violent attack, the watchdog said.

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