Analysts: Najib Was ISI Top Target


Afghan political commentators believe that former president Dr. Najibullah’s opposition to Pakistan’s Afghan policy made him a top target of the Pakistani spy agency—Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

Monday is the 19th anniversary of the collapse of Kabul to the Taliban. After seizing control of the Afghan capital, the Taliban soon thereafter executed former Afghan president Dr. Najibullah and his brother in public in Ariana square in Kabul.

Referring to president Najibullah’s assassination, a number of Afghan political analysts on Sunday said that the assassination was planned as he was on the wanted list of the Pakistani intelligence service.

“When Benazir Bhutto was serving as Pakistani prime minister, she founded a group known as Taliban to show that they were more strong than the Mujahideen and have stronger faith in Islam, so Taliban were sent to Afghanistan as ambassadors of peace through Kandahar,” political analyst, Mia Gul Wasiq said.

“Pakistan had recommended several Afghan leaders to recognize Durand Line as the border, Pakistan was also pursuing to maintain influence in Afghanistan and within the government,” military analyst Atiqullah Amarkhail said.

On Sunday, supporters of Najibullah mourned his assassination in Kabul.

“Dr. Najibullah surrendered the power in Afghanistan in highly sensitive situations, his deliberations indicated that he had a complete understanding from the society, he had the ability to change the situations and act on the right direction,” political analyst Basir Ranjbar said.

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