Analysts Voice Concerns Over Appointment Delays

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Referring to the continued delay over the appointment of governors, an attorney general and chairmen of several key government institutions, some Afghan political analysts and legislators on Friday said that continued service of caretakers will expand the vacuum between people and government.

According to analysts, bargaining over the appointment of government officers between leaders of national unity government has led to a massive mistrust between people and government. Therefore, NUG must take the initiative and finalize the appointments.

A year has passed since the establishment of the national unity government, but still the Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) awaits a new minister to come in and take charge.

In addition several key government institutions are run by caretakers including Afghanistan’s Attorney General Office and at least ten provinces are governed by acting chiefs.

The issue has led to irregularities and corruption inside the government institutions in the provinces and people are facing serious issues while consulting the government institutions to process their documents, say analysts.

“Disagreements exist between NUG leaders on general things, but the issue will be resolved finally, however, people want issues to be settled soon in order to complete the structure of the government,” political analyst Mohammad Natiqi said.

“Is there no one in Afghanistan to be appointed by them {NUG leaders},” MP Fawzia Kofi questioned. “I don’t understand what they are doing; NUG leaders are still bargaining.”

People also want NUG to finalize the appointments soon.

“A governor for Badakhshan should be appointed as soon as possible so that he works from the bottom of his heart and seeks a settlement to people’s problems,” a resident in Badakhshan said.

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