Another Afghan Family Loses Relatives On Way To Europe

On Wednesday another family in Kabul mourned the death of loved ones after their relatives drowned off the waters of Turkey this week.

To date, thousands of refugees have lost their lives crossing from Turkey to Greece. This week, a grandmother and her three nephews from Afghanistan tried to make the treacherous crossing but drowned.

One relative, Nasim, said that they had sold up all of their possessions to get to Europe.

“They have sold all their belongings and instead all four of them died and were buried in Turkey and the rest of the family has stayed in Turkey,” said Nasim.

In the past year more than 200,000 Afghans have reached Europe.

Meanwhile, Finland has joined the ranks of countries starting to deport male refugees.

Reports indicate that those who are trying to reach European countries illegally will not necessarily find a better life.

“If they are deported back home they will have such problems trying to find their place back in Afghanistan with lots of difficulties,” said Islamuddin Jurat, a spokesman for the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.

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