Anti-Corruption Judicial Center Assesses Two Graft Cases


The anti-corruption judicial center on Saturday held a public trial for two corruption cases – including one of a military lawyer and another from a bank employee.

The first session assessed the case of Abdulhai Jurat, a military lawyer, who was accused of taking 50,000 Afs as a bribe.

Another case was related to Farid Ahmad, a private bank employee, who was accused of stealing over $150,000 USD.

Farid Ahmad was sentenced to more than 10 years in jail in the primary session of the court.

“I am not ready for the hearing. I fell ill. The trial should be postponed,” said Abdulhai Jurat, the military lawyer.

“We hope that the trial of graft cases should have started from cases related to millions of Afghanis not from the cases of 50,000 Afghanis,” said Farid Arabzai, Jurat’s advocate.

“The prosecutors continue their efforts to give the accused their rights. This is their right and we are postponing the trial for the next week,” said Sher Aqa Munib, head of the primary special court for assessing big corruption cases.

“If my user name and my signature was found in the withdrawal of the money from the system, then I am guilty,” said Farid Ahmad, the other defendant.

At the end of the hearings, Munib announced his verdict in both cases, and said: “According to article 156 of the penal code, the punishment for you is 10 years and eight months imprisonment. This verdict is announced based on article 158 of the penal code and this verdict is not final.”

Meanwhile, Yama Turabi, head of the joint committee of anti-corruption and evaluation, commented on the effectiveness of such efforts, and said: “We hope that the efforts made by the center yields good results. We hope that the anti-corruption judicial center continues its activities and chases corruption cases in order to make sure that the people trust in anti-graft efforts. And people should believe that those who are violating the law will be held accountable.”

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