Anti-Graft Groups Urge Govt To Act Against Corruption


Anti-Corruption groups Thursday pressed the Afghan government to make sure major corruption scandals in the country are investigated and that the law is imposed against those guilty of graft, amid growing international pressure.

This comes after the High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption reported on the alleged involvement of some government officials involved in corruption.

With the Brussels Summit on Afghanistan expected in less than three months, the Afghan government is apparently expediting efforts to define a more robust and coherent anti-graft policy aimed at restoring trust between the country and its strategic allies in order to secure their continued financial, military and moral support in the years ahead.

On Thursday, High Council of Governance, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption convened its first meeting in the presidential palace to evaluate government’s measures against corruption, particularity that of the assumption of duties by the recently established anti-corruption justice center.

“Two documents were approved in the first meeting of the high council on governance, rule of law and anti-corruption, the first document related to the functioning of the council and the second document is about the text that was issued for the establishment of the council,” said deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi.

Despite several individuals having been identified as involved in corruption, none of them have to date been prosecuted.

“The anti-corruption justice center needs to start its work as soon as possible and investigate major and important corruption cases,” said Sayed Ghulam Hussain Fakhri.

Critics have constantly raised questions over the ineffectiveness of government’s anti-corruption measures.

“Some violations have been committed in the present government as well, investigations conducted in this respect, the anti-corruption justice center needs to investigate these cases and prosecute them,” Fahkri said.

“President always talks with feelings and he talks emotionally, but the context of his words were never clear to the public,” said Tahir Hashemi, a university lecturer.

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