Anti-Narcotic Unit Seizes Over 100 Tons Of Drugs This Year


Interior Ministry’s deputy head of the anti-narcotics department Baz Mohammad Ahmadi said on Sunday the unit has made great strides in the past year in its fight against the scourge and has seized over 100 tons of drugs to date.

Ahmadi said this haul was netted during 1,135 operations since January.

He said they had specifically had good results in anti-drug operations in Azra district in Logar province.

According to him one of the department’s biggest problems is the lack of air support. He said with such support they would be able to destroy drug manufacturing factories, especially those in insecure areas.

He said the department has also seized over 400 vehicles, 240 weapons and 244 mobile phones from drug dealers and smugglers.

During these operations, 16 security force members from this department were killed and 16 injured, he said.

However the seizure of drugs increased by 16 percent this year and alcohol by 36 percent.

Security force members from the unit meanwhile arrested a total of 1,876 people – including 20 policemen, 29 soldiers, 26 women and two foreigners – a Kazakhstani and an Iranian – for dealing and smuggling drugs.

Of the total, 227 were king-pin drug smugglers, 49 were middlemen and 1,600 were dealers.

The latest operation netted them 45 tons of hashish. He said they also uncovered a number of drug factories, especially in insecure provinces

Ahmadi says 12.5 tons of different types of drugs were seized in Kabul alone – in 569 operations. In addition a number of weapons were also seized.

Ahmadi says over the next four months however, insecurity will lesson and the department hopes to increase anti-drug operations.

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