Armed Opposition Groups Cannot Bring Down The System: Abdullah

The Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah said Wednesday that armed opposition groups are not able to bring down the system and that the Afghan government is committed to making use of the opportunity on the ground to bring peace to the country.

He said government has managed to foil different plots by terrorists and that the Afghan security forces have eliminated several Daesh fighters in eastern parts of Afghanistan.

“We have taken stern measures for improvement of security in the country,” Abdullah said in a session with UN officials in Kabul.

“We have done other activities as well. We are committed to bringing lasting peace in the country. The groups involved in war should realize that they cannot bring down the system; they must quit the war,” he added.

It is believed that despite the Afghan government’s efforts to bring some militant groups to the table of negotiations, there are a number of militant outfits – including Daesh – that have had some activities in parts of the country since the middle of the last year.

Abdullah said: “Insurgents carry out one or two suicide attacks in the country, but we foil their plots before they succeed to implement them. We have dealt a major strike to Daesh over the past few weeks in order to prevent them from threatening the security of Afghanistan.”

This comes after the Afghan government recently took part in two sessions with representatives from U.S, China and Pakistan in order to draw out a map for the peace talks with the Taliban. But despite that Kabul has vowed to fight insurgent groups that will not join the peace process.

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