Army Officers Keeping Kunduz Safe Over Eid


Afghan National Army (ANA) officers battling the Taliban in Kunduz province on Monday reaffirmed their commitments to continue defending their motherland against threats.

They vowed not to miss even a minute in terms of defending their country.

“This is the first day of Eid, we have been undertaking search and clean up operations inside and outside the city in order to make sure that enemies of Afghanistan are not able to disrupt Eid festivals, we assure the people of full security during Eid celebrations,” said Mohammad Jawad, an Afghan army officer in Kunduz.

“I assure the people of Kunduz that no threat will be there during Eid. We are determined to provide them with security, God willing, there will be no problems,” said another ANA officer in Kunduz, Nasibullah.

“We did not go home during Eid in order to defend the country and provide security to the people; last year we also remained here and did not go home. I want to ask the people to spend their Eid days with happiness, Eid Mubarak to all,” said another officer, Qadir Khan.

“Currently the security situation seems to be good; security forces have done a good job; despite that, people want to be assured of security during Eid,” said a Kunduz resident, Shams.

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